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With tertiary degrees in passion for data analytics, management and marketing, Zh brings his strategic experience in building and leading for many projects.

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Co-Founder & Game Developer

A passionate game developer with 5 years of experience creating engaging gameplay experiences and strong background in Unity development, as well as experience working with mobile platforms and game engines.

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Social Media

With over 15 years in digital marketing, RelativeOpinion multifaceted skill sets. His Solana NFT experience began in October 2021.

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Community Engagement Lead & Head Moderator

With a diverse background in gaming, project management, and customer service, Gerrod is the perfect fit for the role of Community Lead and Head Moderator. His experience in these areas is an asset to the team, and his ability to manage projects, provide exceptional customer service, and foster a strong sense of community is unparalleled. Gerrod's passion for gaming and commitment to excellence make him the ideal candidate to lead our community to new heights.

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Chief Studio & Art Director

Elnino's background in product design led him to become a master of character illustration. With experience as a lead illustrator for children's books and content design for brands and productions. His exceptional creativity and attention to detail make his illustrations come to life, capturing the hearts and imaginations of audiences.

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Web Director

With a background in industrial design and extensive certification in UX practice, Scarlet has worked on a wide range of design and creative projects including UX, UI and web development for nations startups and Elnino studios.

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Community MOD & Strategy

With a powerful blend of creativity and logical thinking, he is the perfect addition to our community development team. His unique perspective and problem-solving skills enable him to approach challenges in innovative ways, and his passion for pushing boundaries makes him an asset to Zorath project.

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Stark Anzo

Community MOD & Quest Organizer

His ability to balance creativity with practicality ensures that our community development efforts are both engaging and effective.