The Zorath planet is a harsh and unforgiving world, where survival is the ultimate goal. Its three factions, the Earth Federation, the Underwater Tribal, and the Upper Sky Society, are constantly vying for supremacy in the Zorathian Survival Trials.

Each faction occupies a different zone of the planet, with the Earth Federation living on the land, the Deep sea Tribal living beneath the waves, and the Upper Sky Faction living on floating islands in the sky. The environment of the planet is constantly shifting, depending on which faction emerges victorious in the trials. If the Earth Federation wins, the planet becomes dominated by land, with 70% of its surface covered in earth and vegetation. If the Underwater Tribal emerges victorious, the planet becomes dominated by water, with 70% of its surface covered in ocean. And if the Upper Sky Society triumphs, the planet becomes a floating world, with its land masses suspended in the air.

Five different races call the Zorath planet home: Humans, Vampires, Spirits, Beasts, and Robots. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses, and they must choose which faction they believe will best serve their needs and maximize their chances of survival. In the end, it's all about personal survival and finding a way to thrive in the constantly changing environment of the Zorath planet.

The three factions coexist, but the constant fighting for control of the planet is never-ending. Each faction wants to impose its beliefs and ideologies on the planet, and whoever wins gets to change the environment according to their faction's values.

The fighting is intense, and no faction has emerged victorious so far. Even if one faction wins, the other factions keep fighting, and the cycle continues. The Zorath planet is in a constant state of chaos, and the balance of power is always shifting.